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SquareOffs is the world’s first voting platform that truly values your opinion. Through user-generated debate on any topic, on any website, SquareOffs takes voting, commenting and sharing to the next level.

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More Engagement

Drive engagement through the interactive voting and commenting experience. SquareOffs gives readers a platform for their opinions to be heard and voted on directly on your site.

More Readers

SquareOffs taps into the power of the crowd by encouraging users to share out to their social networks, inviting others to join the conversation and bringing more readers back to your site.

More Revenue

SquareOffs gives you a new source of revenue by monetizing voting. Display highly targeted ads when you have your reader's attention the most - while they're voting and commenting on your site.

More Insight

Gain deep insight into more than just the answer to your poll. Our robust analytics include interaction rate, time on site, clicks, shares, new readers, ad impressions, demographics, device type and much more.

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    Analytics and Revenue.

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